Saturday, February 18, 2012

Book Update

I am getting to the point where I need input from any of you who either flew or worked with Skyraiders. There are thirteen Skyraider units I must cover for both the USAF and VNAF. I would appreciate short stories (paragraphs, not pages) and or any photos you might have from the time you spent with the A-1.
I would need to know the unit you were affiliated with, the base, and your background before and after your A-1 tour. This information can be emailed to me at




  1. Hello. I recently met a Vietnam vet who claimed that he had been an USAF warrant officer who flew A-1s in Vietnam around 1968 when he was 22. He enlisted and shortly thereafter claims he became a WO. His claim sounds suspicious since I thought USAF pilots were all commissioned Os. Also USAF ceased the WO program in the late 50s well before this guy was even old enough to enlist. Any plausibility to his claims based on your research?

  2. Hello "Unknown". Would this guy's name be William "Bill" Rowe? How long ago is recently?